Bacterial Odor Cure

Controls odors in RV Sewage Systems, Septic Tank, Drainage Ditches, Grease Traps, or any other stinky place you can think of.

ODORCURE reduces even the slightest odors.

ODORCURE is not a masking agent or an industrial perfume. It ties up the sulphide odors.

ODORCURE is an organic chemical with biological and catalytic characteristics that act upon sewage and other odor producing wastes.

ODORCURE is harmless and non-toxic to human, animal, and marine life and does not kill beneficial waste treatment micro-organisms.

ODORCURE is used nationwide by cities, industries, hospitals, restaurants, institutions, schools, and in the home.

Stewart Water Solutions

is now offering this product to the general public at very competitive prices. ODORCURE is available by the gallon or 50 gallon drum. We also offer reduced price for large quantities. Please contact us today for pricing and product orders. You may also request product information and pricing by completing our Price Quote Email form.

As with all our Products and Services, ODORCURE is backed by the best quarantee in the business – our promise.