Bacterial-Advance Bio-Clear

With Proven Results for Industrial, Municipal and Commercial Applications


Advanced Bio-Clear has a distinct advantage over other bioenhancement products on the market today. By providing 28 strands of bacteria instead of 1 or 2, our product can be used effectively in all applications which means to you that your investment dollars go further than ever before.

These advantages include:

* Eliminates grease buildup
* Decreases sludge volume
* Establishes versatile biomass in newly commissioned plants
* Helps regulate filamentous growth
* Increases pump efficiency
* Controls odors
* Reduces corrosion due to sulfate


We help you eliminate the guesswork. You no longer need to combine multiple bacteria products for wide range applications. Our one product does it all by decreasing maintenance requirements and eliminating time-consuming bacteria formula calculations, which means to you significant cost savings, and the real benefit to you is error free utilization every time Advanced Bio-Clear is used!


One of the most noticable benefits of Advanced Bio-Clear is seeing visible results within hours. This is a distinct advantage over the 36 to 48 hour reaction tme of most products on the market today. Never before has there been a single product that addressed every bacteria related problem you face until now.



Effectively treats industrial wastewater from:
· Beef processing
· Poultry processing
· Pork processing
· Rendering plant
· Dairy
· Petro chemical
· Textile
· Pulp and paper


Enhances the operation of:
· Activated sludge systems
· Aerobic, anaerobic, and facultative lagoons
· Sludge digesters
· Biotowers
· Lift stations
· Sewer line maintenance


Eliminates problems associated with:
· Grease traps
· Fast food outlets
· Hotels
· Malls
· Hospitals
· Residential Housing
· Septic tanks


A world recognized meat processor approached us requesting that we help them modify their existing Dissolved Air Flotation (DAF) unit. The unit was modified with a chemical process which included ferric sulfate, sodium hydroxide, a polyacrilimide, and a custom designed control system which resulted in a savings of over $600,000.

An international poultry processor had problems meeting their discharge limits. Our solution included installing a new Dissolved Air Flotation (DAF) unit in conjunction with a custom designed chemical feed system, along with flow controls which eliminated the need for a flow equilization basin. This resulted in only a 5% increase in horsepower for the entire pretreatment system to be operational which meant a savings of $400,000 to our client.

A national renderer had problems with their present lagoon system being overloaded from years of abuse which resulted in the anaerobic lagoon effluent quality being in the range of 60,000 COD (chemical oxygen demand). We found the lagoon was overloaded with oil and grease and began immediate treatment with Advanced Bio-Clear. In approximately 3 months we were back to a water quality of 2000 COD. Within a week we saw dramatic changes in the effectiveness of the lagoon.

This same renderer also had problems from years of abuse and neglect with their wastewater system. They had been advised by another company that the cost to clean their ponds would exceed $100,000. SWS, Inc. was contracted to correct this problem. Our solution included upgrading the physical chemical system, reducing the loading going to the anaerobic lagoon, along with implementing a daily seeding of Advanced Bio-Clear. These actions resulted in a savings of $107,500. Instead of cleaning the pond and losing its full potential from 6 months to 1 year, we were able to clean the pond without losing any of its potential.

A major poultry producer in the United States was not meeting discharge limits. Our solution was to design a physical chemical separation system with a custom designed pH controller to handle a peak flow of approximately 5,000,000 gallons of water per day. With our design, we were able to eliminate the need for a flow equilization basin at an overall cost savings to our client of $350,000. A worldwide fastfood chain had problems with their grease trap overflowing. We were asked if we could remedy the situation. As a solution we began treating 1 tablespoon per day of Advanced Bio-Clear into the sink drain. In 3 weeks their grease problem was eliminated.

SWS, Inc. handled a unique situation for a one of a kind plant located in Alabama. Their concern was not meeting land application limits due to heavy loading. Our solution included proper chemical balances and the introduction of Advanced Bio-Clear. By doing this they were able to meet their land application limits without the need of adding to their existing equiment (aerators). Results were achieved within 1 month.


We pride ourselves on integrity, service, and onsite working knowledge. When you invite us to your plant, our objective is to maximize your system and meet your expectations without the policy of overselling.

You can benefit from our over 100 years combined experience in the wastewater industry supporting us from top engineers to a world recognized and acclaimed professor from a major university.


From design and construction of a number of plants which includes primary processing, further processing, and rendering, we offer confidence and knowledge of the industry we serve and the water we treat.

For a free consultation to help evaluate your wastewater needs please contact us today.

Thank you for your interest in Advanced Bio-Clear, a remarkable breakthrough in wastewater treatment in today’s world.

Client references you may contact include:

* Continental Grain
* Marshall Durbin Companies
* Perdue Farms, Inc.
* Clearwater Consultants, Inc.
* ROWEnvironmental, Inc.

You may contact us for names and numbers for each company.