Air Jammer Aerator

The Air Jammer™ aerator is unique device for injecting atmospheric oxygen into water. The Air Jammer™ utilizes micron-size bubble diffusion along with hydraulic shear within a pressurized aeration chamber to produce a well mixed, highly oxygenated and conditioned liquid. Wastewater, the primary target, is pumped through the Air Jammer™’s high velocity nozzle at a hydraulic pressure of 20 psi. The resulting implosion and dramatic expansion thereafter shears the waste stream’s organic solids to macroscopic size and releases the embedded grease and gas bubbles trapped within the solids. The waste stream is then thoroughly mixed under pressure with aspirated air utilizing micro-size bubbles to produce an exceptional oxygen transfer to the liquid, resulting in a dramatically improved environment for biological activity and thus a more rapid degradation of wastewater contaminates.

Capabilities: Characteristics:
Shears Solids Rugged Construction
Degasses Solids Non-Clogging
Precipitates Solids Expandable by Multiple Units
Floats Grease No Moving Parts
Adds Oxygen Self Cleaning
Controls Odor Low Maintenance
Controls Corrosion Land Based
Reduces Chemical Use Retrofits Existing Systems






Areas of Use:  
Lift Station
Preareation Systems
Aeration Basins
Effluent Aeration Cells
FOG Flotation Units
Aerobic Sludge Digesters