SWS offers you consulting and design at reasonable fees. We still believe when you spend a dollar you should receive a dollar’s worth of goods and services. We offer you the very latest technology in DAF and Biological Systems.

Training Management and Operators

SWS offers training specific to your site.  Working along side and operating the pretreatment plant with your personal this allows us to show the operator and the managers operations that would be specific to your plant. This means to you a more focused training for the type of treatment process you have. We accomplish this by visiting your site for a day and taking notes on what type of process you are currently using, as well as the type of system and the chemicals that are being used. With the information gathered, we then put together a training program which is keyed to your particular wwtp. After completing the training class, your management and operators will have a better understanding of the process, will be able to operate the system more efficiently, and will achieve greater results. Please contact us regarding a training class for your plant.